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Affordable Indulgence Kitchens

Bring your dream kitchen to life.

Our aim for this Affordable Indulgence Kitchen collection is to provide a range of simple and well-crafted wooden cabinetry that allows you to design and build your own kitchen in a direct and affordable way. Through handing over the creative control, it means that we can simply provide the goods, making way for a budget-friendly alternative to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Frequently asked questions

Will you design my kitchen for me?

Do you come on site to measure?

Are the Affordable Indulgence Kitchens easy to fit?

What materials are your kitchens made from?

Will my cabinetry arrive fully painted?

What are your lead-times?

Why are the end panels Deeper than 600?

Why do some integrated appliances only require a door?

Do you supply fixings for my walls?

What type of worktops can I use?

Can I fit any knobs or handles?

Can I install the cabinetry over underfloor heating?

DIY Pine Kitchen example

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