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Cabinet Specifications and Fitting

Our DIY Pine Kitchen collection is the simple and well-crafted wooden cabinetry that allows you to design and build your own kitchen within your budget. We offer a large choice of cabinetry and you can customise it to be completely unique to you. Handles, worktop and the colour of your choice!
Our strong and durable cabinets are hand crafted in the UK from solid pine wood and are built to endure for everyday use. The 25mm frames and doors are mounted onto 18mm solid built carcasses with 18mm MDF backs. This collection includes wall and floor cupboards with Shaker doors, solid wooden drawers and open shelves, all available in a range of standard sizes.

Appliance Housing
Bins, ovens, fridges and dishwashers can all be hidden behind closed doors. We offer standard sizes for appliance housings.

Base Cabinets
The Base Cabinets sit on the floor and support the countertops. We offer different Base Cabinet options: open shelf cabinets, pan drawer cabinets, drawline cabinets and simple base cabinets. The Base Cabinets dimensions vary between 300mm to 1000mm.

Tall Cabinets
Tall Cabinets sit on the floor but reach 2120mm in height when installed. Our Tall Cabinets can be Larder Cabinets or Oven Housings with extra storage under and above the oven.

Wall Cabinets
Wall Cabinets are mounted to the wall. We offer different Wall Cabinets: open shelf, single or double wall cabinets, extractor and canopy mantle cabinets. Wall Cabinets will need a Cornice to finish the look.

End Panel
These Panels are fixed at the end of a run of cabinets, when the cabinets are not against a wall. The DIY End Panel we offer is a Solid Pine wood panelling.

The cornice is the trim fixed on top of the kitchen cabinets, that runs along the whole kitchen in one continuous piece. Our Shaker style cornices are designed to tie the whole kitchen together while providing a traditional yet elegant detail.

The pelmet is a smaller trim fixed under the top cabinets. This is the best way to hide lighting in kitchens. Our DIY Pine Kitchens have built in pelmets to give depth and length to the cabinetry.

The plinth is a continuous piece added at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Plinths make the cabinets appear to stand directly on the floor, hides the legs of the units and gives the final touch to your DIY kitchen.