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Maintenance Care Packs

Maintenance Care Packs
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Future Maintenance With Care Packs

Not only do we want to help you get it right before ordering, but we also want to help out after you have made your order and have received your furniture.

While our furniture is designed and made for real life and is built to last, we do understand that from time to time it gets knocked and so we have wax care packs to help fix any knocks and bumps. 

The good thing about waxed solid wood furniture is that it is really easy to repair damages and can be done in no time at all. A small amount of wax will fix a scratch. Or bigger damage can be fixed with a quick rub of sandpaper, then use the wax go cover up the bare timber and buff away. 

The care packs comprise of a small pot of oil, a sanding pad, a cloth for application, and instructions for use. They are great to use every few months to keep your pieces looking brand new all the time. 


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